Being careful in the wedding business

Alot of us in the wedding business (especially the photography/cinematography area) spend alot of our time pushing the envelope trying to give our clients experiences and images that they couldn’t get from anyone else.  Most of the time the instances are quite benign.  Every once in a while, though, we might get ourselves into situations we weren’t expecting.

Case in point is the article below.  There was a recent report that came out about a tragic situation that happened at a “Trash The Dress” session where the bride waded out into water with her wedding dress on, it soaked up so much that it became too heavy for her, and eventually she was pulled under and drowned.  This happened within days of her wedding.  It’s a fluke situation for sure, but something to be attentive to as we do our work or our brides consider “bigger and better” things.

I know that I have put myself into situations that were dangerous to get the shot.  I nearly slipped off of a 25 foot embankment onto some rocks because I wasn’t watching my steps while running a glidecam.  It was a great shot right up until I fell!  Thank goodness for someone close by being attentive to what I was doing.

Everything said this is just a statement that in the end we need to consider all of the good and bad involved in our business.  Getting the shot is great.  Getting it at the sake of someone’s well being is another story.–quebec-bride-s-tragic-drowning-shines-light-on-trash-the-dress-phenomenon